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CP Plus HD Analog Camera Solution

Overview of CP Plus HD Analog Camera Solution

HD Camera technology was first introduce in 2010 and its is alternative technology solution of Analog camera and IP Technology. It provide high definition video over coaxial cable and its reduce cost, installation complexity and dependability on IP and Analog technology. Todays HD technology is highest demanding in Asia, Middle east and African country in recent time. HD Camera solution provide major significance measurable advantages like as Megapixel resolutions, simple installation, Zero Latency, Low Cabling requirements, Longer transmission and cost effective solutions. HD Camera is unique set of capabilities and compatibilities and solving tough challenges like as shoplifting, internal thefts, inventory shrinkages, breaks ins, property damage,  vandalism, false clams and assets protection. We got higher advantage of CP Plus HD Camera in business security, retail security and residential security in India.

HD Technology was divide in different format and has it unique benefits. HD Technology is divide in different way like as HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video), HD-SDI (High Definition Serial Digital Interface), HD-CVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) and AHD (Analog High Definition). CP Plus HD Camera solution is best for Office and Home security in India. It is best in control and manage your home surveillance system. CP Plus HD Analog Camera have various features like as Night Vision, Digital Zoom, Wide Angle lens, inbuilt video analytics for smart solution and its is easy to install compare to IP Solution. You can connect you HD CP plus Camera through your mobile phone or laptop from any where any time. You can get instant notification or alert when there is security concern.  

CP Plus have 1mp HD CCTV Camera in four major series like as red, orange, Indigo and Blank. Cp plus HD Camera available in different body type like as Box Camera, Bullet Camera, Dome, fisheye, PT Camera, Vandal dome, Pinhole, Ezykam and Cube Camera with various range like as 10mtr, 20mtr, 30mtr, 40mtr 50mtr, 60mtr, 70mtr, 80mtr, 100mtr and 200mtr with No WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) features.

CP Plus 1.3mp HD Analog Camera is available in Red, Orange and Indigo series with different body type like as Box, Bullet, Cube, Dome, Fish Eye, PT Camera, Vandal, Pinhole, Ezykam with 10m, 20m, 30m, 40m, 50m, 60m, 70m, 80m, 100m and 200m range without WDR Features.

CP Plus 2mp HD Camera is available in red, orange and indigo series and CP Plus 2.4mp HD camera is available in Indigo, red, orange and blank series with and without WDR Features.

Cp plus 4mp HD Analog camera is available in orange series in HDCVI technology with various body type dome, bullet and vandal camera in 20mtr and 30mtr range. CP Plus 4k HD camera is available with WDR Features with 50m and 100m range in orange series. CP Plus lot camera with WDR and motion detection eye features  with 20m range. 

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