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The requirement of safety is increase as crime is at peak. CP Plus CCTV camera is the latest technology to resolve the problem of safety matters. It is the advance technology for safety and detection of crime. It provides fully solution to where there is lack of trust in people and lack of safety from various things. CP Plus CCTV cameras provide live and recorded image, video and audio.

IP and HD CCTV cameras mainly used for industrial safety, monitoring high secured area and public places, car protection, theft, work management in absence, staff checking at time of work. It provides full time security of premises and peoples. It is types of camera which provide signal to monitor to show image, videos and audio. Wireless or wired cameras are available in the market must purchase according to the suitability.

Various CCTV camera are available in market according to the purpose. The CCTV cameras includes indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, night cameras, dome cameras, bullet cameras, hidden cameras, IP cameras, analog cameras and zoom cameras. The analog and IP cameras are the mainly two type of cameras which are different on the basis of resolution, scanning and technology.

The analog cameras requires cameras, DVR, hard disk, wiring, power supply and connectors. And the IP cameras requires camera, NVR, hard disk, wiring, power supply, switch and connectors. The cameras are mainly selected on the basis of various aspect. These fulfill various safety needs for various places. The CCTV cameras are selected on the basis for indoor or outdoor use, day or night vision, lens quality, video quality, motion detection, power source, wireless, picture quality.

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The indoor cameras for use for indoor safety and easy to install. It is of white base with low light infrared. These are suitable inside home, office, hotels, school. These are reliable with high quality and at reasonable prices. The outdoor cameras applicable for outdoor areas. These are mostly used for exit and entry places. These are resist free from weather and free from corrosion. These requires dual voltage support. IR/night cameras used where there is need of high security at day and night time. These are mostly used where high security requires. The night vision cameras are mostly use in parking areas, high security areas, high alert crowded areas, military areas. These are capable in providing vision at any weather condition. These are ideal solution for day and night vision. Dome camera are mainly used at public places where the people are unable to notice the camera. These camera are rotated manually and are place at crowded areas like bus stand, railway station and etc. The dome camera is very easy to install and can be for at horizontal and vertical places. And it is also capable to provide image in low light vision.

Another type of camera is bullet camera which is of bullet shape. These are use at outdoor places these are resist free from dust, rain. It provides long distances viewing of object and activity. It has fixed lens without rotation and focus on long distance activity. These can be used for homes and for commercial places. Vandal proof camera are used for security of outdoor places. These are covered with glass and having hub shape on the top of it. It is perfect for providing high quality of video. Hidden camera are place at public place where there is less chance to notice it. These are mostly use to see and monitoring activity secretly. Pan tilt zoom camera provides visibility of all direction with zoom feature. These have the feature to rotate in different direction to capture all activity.

DVR and NVR is the device to store the images, videos and audios. The camera is connected to this storage device.DVR and NVR are different due to its connection as DVR connected with cable and NVR store through networking. DVR can work without internet but NVR must require internet connection.

CP plus is one of the leading brand in manufacturing CCTV cameras. CP Plus provides different types of cameras of high quality. CP Plus provides cameras with high definition at reasonable prices. It is only the place where all needs of security system is fulfil. In India CP plus is top CCTV camera dealer which deals in camera. CP plus India is known of its cameras and services of cameras.

CP Plus is providing different type of products such as IP Camera, HD Camera, Biometric Access Control, Door Lock, Electronic Digital Safe, Video Door Phone, Home Solutions, PTZ Camera, Cube Camera, Box Camera, Fish Eye Camera, Vandal Dome Camera, Pinhole Camera and Ezycam Camera in India.

CP Plus world is committed to provide CCTV Camera such as IP & HD Camera, Biometric Access Control, Door Lock, Safe, and Video Door Phone to Banking, Education, Hospitality, and Police, Real estate, Retail, safe city and transport. CP Plus products used in different application of general life as well as commercial purpose such as Petrol Pump, Toll Plaza, Bank ATM, School, Collage, Factory, Offices, Warehouses, Jewallary Showroom, Hotels, Restaurant, Shopping Complex, Mall, Housing Society, Farm Houses, Manufacturing Units, Departmental store, Sort Complex, flats and many more. CP Plus world is providing CCTV Camera solution for every application in different and innovative way. Now is the time of IP Camera 4k technology in India. We have special products for retail as well as commercial. Video surveillance solution of CP Plus is available in HD Technology as well as IP Technology.

CP plus IP Product category, you will find different of products such as Network IP Cameras, PTZ Camera, NVR (Network Video recorder), Keyboards and projects models. CP Plus offer wide range of CCTV Camera in IP Technology in wired and wireless type of Products in India. CP plus IP Camera Resolution is available in 1MP, 1.3mp, 2mp, 3mp, 4mp, 4k. 6mp and 12mp in different body type such as Box, Bullet, Cube, Dome, Fish eye, PT camera, and vandal camera. CP plus IP Camera rage is 10 meter, 20mtr, 30mtr, 40mtr, 50mtr, 60mtr, 80mtr and 100mtr. CP plus is offering solutions for any variety of application from wired to wireless IP Camera solution to wireless mini camera for home to robust wired security cameras for offices and harsh outdoor in India. The features and capabilities of CP plus IP Cameras is high definition image, low light imagery, wide dynamic range, dual stream encoding, image sensor and much more. Fiscal Detection, Motion detection, tampering alarm, audio detection and trip wire are latest analytics feature with CP plus IP Network Cameras. CP Plus PTZ Camera IP Camera is available in resolution is 1.3mp, 2mp, 3mp, 4mp, 5mp, range is 150 and 200mtr, IR is 30mtr, 100mtr, 150mtr, 200mtr and 500mtr and its zoom ratio is 4x, 20x, 25x, 30x and 40x. CP plus NVR is available in India in 4CH, 8CH, 16CH, 32CH, 64CH and 132CH and 8 and 16 Sata. CP plus IP Camera price is low as compare to other competitors in India.

CP plus HD Product category or HD Surveillance Camera, DVR or PTZ camera is more demanding in India. CP Plus HD Camera Surveillance, DVR, PTZ is just up gradation of existing Analog system in India. CP Plus has wide variety and quality HD Security system solutions in India. As we known that HD Analog is work on coaxial cable up to 1200mtr with 1080p resolutions. These HD System is designed according the demand of latest industry standard of CCTV Camera. CP plus High definition cameras are suitable for both outdoor and indoor surveillance. If you are looking HD CCTV camera for your home or office premises than CP plus is reliable service and result solution is available at your door step. CP plus HD Analog Security solutions Camera are divided in three categories such as HD Analog Camera, HD DVR and HD Analog PTZ. HD Analog CCTV Camera is available in resolution of 1mp, 1.3mp, 2mp and 2.4 mp with range of 20mtr, 30mtr, 40mtr, 50mtr, 60mtr & 80mtr. CP HD Camera is available in different body type such as Bullet, Dome, Pinhole and Vandal Dome. The Design of CP HD DVR is to provide the better video quality compare analog DVR. It is best option to provide best quality if you are not able to offered IP Solutions. If you will pair CP plus HD Analog camera and HD DVR with coaxial cable than you will find high quality image. CP Plus offer HD DVR of 4CH, 8CH, 16CH, 24CH and 32 Channel with audio port, Alarm and HDD. CP Plus is providing audio in 1CH, 4CH, 8CH and 16CH with 1 Sata, 2 Sata, 4 Sata and 8 Sata Hard Disk. CP plus PTZ Camera is available in 1 to 2Mp resolution with 100 to 150m range and zoom 20x to 25x. Recently CP Plus launched 4mp HD CCTV Camera with WDR with 4MP DVR.

We offer Home solution, home automation, biometric, villa system, electronic safe, Ezycam and video door phone in India. We have long team of our channel partner, dealer, and distributor and system integrators in India. These help us to reach our product to end customer. Our company growth depends on our team and valuable customer as well. CP plus CCTV Camera Dealers in India is providing installation and AMC of cp plus products. There CCTV Camera shop, Company or office s located in all cities of India. You can call us any time and we will provide CP Plus products at your location is soon as possible.

CP Plus is providing a complete channel of Dealers and Distributors in India. CP plus Dealer and distributor is providing Complete Installation and CCTV Camera service in all over India. You will find CCTV camera shop at every location and city in India. You can find out our CP plus CCTV camera outlet in every city and can see free demo of different type of CCTV Camera in India. Today of CP plus Camera is highly demanding for Home and Office Security in India. Our CCTV Camera Vender in India provides complete design solutions in India.

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